Custom mobile and web application development

Mobile and Web Work Order Management Platform for Maintenance Services Provider


NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Angular 2, iOS/Swift

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Backend and Frontend senior engineers, Mobile engineer, Project manager

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Ongoing 18 months

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A commercial facility services provider, this company has been offering cleaning and lawn care services across the United States for over 20 years. Relying on continuous job training of more than 5,000 employees and a strong commitment to quality assurance, it has established itself as a premier janitorial and landscaping business and has seen its work orders and revenue increase by 155% in the last year.


Along with sales and revenue growth came many operational challenges and the maintenance experts were faced with a significant drop in productivity at the managerial level. While the number of clients and the volume of work orders was rapidly increasing, so did the number of employees that had to be managed locally, and overwhelmed managers and supervisors asked for help. They needed support with the planning and coordination of the jobs, as well as the tracking and evaluation of their workers’ performance.

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TopDevz created a solution based on two platforms: a comprehensive web-based application with a strong backend to handle the administration and management of the jobs and a mobile application to track their status. Three software engineers built the web application, which was designed to streamline the management of work orders, invoicing and reporting. Workers used the mobile app to check-in, log their work hours and send pictures of the jobs. The two applications interact using APIs and the managers can validate on the web app information submitted through the mobile app.

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The original applications took TopDevz’ team of senior software engineers, project manager and QA six months to build and was extensively tested at the regional level for another month. After seeing significant improvement in their day-to-day operations and an increase in client satisfaction by 18%, the facility services company started using the apps nationwide and contracted TopDevz to continue adding features to the systems.