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Custom Software Development Experts

Our people have an average of 10+ years experience with custom software development in highly complex environments. They have also passed a proprietary hiring process including live coding that ranks them in the top 1%.

100% US-based

Not only do we deliver high quality code, our team possesses excellent communication skills, work in local time zones and are highly productive.

Significant Savings

TopDevz directly manages, maintains and motivates a resource for the work being performed and tracks time down to 15-min increments with weekly status reporting.

Fast, On demand, No obligation

Your project is staffed and kicked off in under 2 weeks and you have direct access to vetted top tier resources on demand throughout the year, on a pay as you go basis.

Quick On-Boarding

Our people onboard extremely fast at any point in the product development lifecycle.

221+ Skillsets & Candidate database of 15,000+

With a database of over 15,000 candidates, TopDevz gives you direct access to vetted top tier software developers, business analysts, designers and QA testers across 221+ skill sets.

Project-Based, Staff Augmentation or Maintenance

We offer flexible monthly agreements to augment your team or fully outsource your project. We also offer customized maintenance plans to support your application needs.

Faster with Precision

TopDevz owns over two-million lines of code in its repositories that help lower development costs while speeding up production. Just take a look at the SAHRA products above to see some of the modules in action.

Full Agile Scrum

We can field a team that includes UI/UX designers, business analysts, QA testers (manual and automated), DevOps, DB admins, and certified scrum masters.

High Retention and Referral Rates

We have a 96% retention rate + 56% referral rate on our team members. They come, they refer and they stay, greatly reducing our recruiting overhead.

Our Award-Winning Model

Learn more about our People, Proposition & Performance model by watching the short interview segments below with our CEO. He answers questions in detail on how the TopDevz model helps companies succeed with complicated software development delivery and throughput: project-based, embedded staff augmentation or scrum team as a service.


Unique focus on hiring only the best of the best for complex software development.


A clear and compelling value proposition. Monthly agreements, 100% US and Canada based.


A proven and proprietary method for managing software development projects.

Our secret sauce

Three main ingredients. First, a culture of hiring the best of the best. Next, our Topdevz Academy where we source all of our talent from and finally our flexible business model.


Where do our people come from?

Our TopDevz Academy - Where we vet, progress, mature, mentor, train and improve our people. The TopDevz Academy uses a series of personality tests, conducts a soft skills interview and a complex technical interview that includes live coding. It’s backed by an AI algorithm we’ve developed with the help of Harvard graduates that removes bias from the hiring process and yields success.


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