Our Award-Winning Model

Our model offers top tier software development resources based in the USA and Canada. We turn our operational efficiencies into providing these resources at upto 30-80% less than the competition and with outstanding performance metrics.


Unique focus on hiring only the best of the best for complex software development.


A clear and compelling value proposition. Monthly agreements, 100% US and Canada based.


A proven and proprietary method for managing software development projects.

Our secret sauce

Three main ingredients. First, a culture of hiring the best of the best. Next, our Topdevz Academy where we source all of our talent from and finally our flexible business model.


Where do our people come from?

Our TopDevz Academy. Where we vet, progress, mature, mentor, train and improve our people. The TopDevz Academy uses a series of personality tests, conducts a soft skills interview than a complex technical stage that includes live coding. It’s backed by an AI algorithm we’ve developed with the help of Harvard graduates that removes bias from the hiring process and yields success.


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