iOS, Android and progressive web app development

Custom Mobile and Progressive Web App for Social Networking at Business Events


NodeJS, VueJS, DynamoDB, React Native, PWA

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Full stack software engineers, Mobile Engineers, QA, Project manager

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6 months

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From when it created its first local business mixer over a decade ago, this Florida-based event planning agency has grown into a 300-employee full-service events and conferences management company. With over 90 events planned and produced nationwide each year and gathering hundreds of businesspeople, the event organizer has become a major player in its industry and received several innovation awards.

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A business event’s success from the attendees’ standpoint can be measured by the new relationships and opportunities it has generated. However, many people end up connecting with known acquaintances and leaving an event without having made any new significant contacts. Getting the right people together is a recurring challenge faced by event organizers and the award-winning company turned to TopDevz to help create an innovative solution to facilitate networking at its venues.

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To collect the attendees’ interests and pair them with relevant contacts, TopDevz created a multi-platform solution: a Progressive Web App built using NodeJs, VueJS and Amazon’s DynamoDB and a React Native mobile app. Project managers can create events on the backend and include a series of questions used by the platform’s algorithm for people matching. Once matched, attendees are located using their mobile device’s GPS and receive a push notification instructing them where to meet their group. The app also gives them information on the people in their group and possible icebreakers.

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It’s been a few months since the initial release of the mobile application and TopDevz’ team of senior software engineers are working on added features like a video conferencing system for virtual encounters. So far, not only did the application fulfil its primary objective of adding value to events registration packages and increasing participants’ engagement, it also created new marketing and revenue opportunities for the event organizer through user data collection and in-app advertising.