Dedicated Engagement Manager

All accounts are assigned an engagement manager whose responsibility is to author weekly status reports to clients and track utilization of the resource, in order to identify any potential issue.

Scrum Master Certified Executive Oversight

The team at TopDevz reviews each project progress weekly to ensure clients’ business needs are being met. All conversations and findings are logged in a proprietary operational software we built that can show us a whole number of statistics and trends on a project. Some of our clients are running as much as 20+ simultaneous projects of various sizes from small to large.

Monthly Agreements

It may not stand out right away, but having monthly agreements without penalties actually demonstrates what we are saying on performance.

If we are good as we say we are, then there should be no need to lock clients into a long term agreement with penalties.

This is What You Get

Custom Software Development Experts

Our people have an average of 10+ years experience with custom software development in highly complex environments. They have also passed a proprietary hiring process including live coding that ranks them in the top 1%.

100% US-based

Not only do we deliver high quality code, our team possesses excellent communication skills, work in local time zones and are highly productive.

Significant Savings

TopDevz directly manages, maintains and motivates a resource for the work being performed and tracks time down to 15-min increments with weekly status reporting.

Fast, On demand, No obligation

Your project is staffed and kicked off in under 2 weeks and you have direct access to vetted top tier resources on demand throughout the year, on a pay as you go basis.

Working Remotely?

Our CEO is the Founder of RemoteEntrepreneurs. A philanthropy effort he makes to foster remote entrepreneurship wealth. Remote-entrepreneurs.com/

221+ Skillsets & Candidate database of 15,000+

With a database of over 15,000 candidates, TopDevz gives you direct access to vetted top tier software developers, business analysts, designers and QA testers across 221+ skill sets.

Project-Based, Staff Augmentation or Maintenance

We offer flexible monthly agreements to augment your team or fully outsource your project. We also offer customized maintenance plans to support your application needs.

Faster with Precision

TopDevz owns over two-million lines of code in its repositories that help lower development costs while speeding up production.

Full Agile Scrum

We can field a team that includes UI/UX designers, business analysts, QA testers (manual and automated), DevOps, DB admins, and certified scrum masters.

High Retention and Referral Rates

We have a 96% retention rate + 56% referral rate on our team members. They come, they refer and they stay, greatly reducing our recruiting overhead.

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