Staff Augmentation

TopDevz provides the resource(s) that are hand-selected after a technical staffing call is conducted with you, to understand the must-have skill sets & the nice-to-have. A resource is identified using our TopDevz process and a profile is sent to you for review. Next, a live meeting takes place, which you can use as an opportunity to get to know the resource. Finally, a thumbs up is given and the resource is on-boarded.

Project Based

We can offer a fixed price model for a project scope or specification that has requirements and where technical documentation is already available or planned.

Ball park estimates are also available with or without detailed requirements.

Direct Hire

Through the TopDevz Academy you get access to over 7,000 vetted candidates who are seeking full-time on-site placement across 160+ skill sets. You can hire them directly for a fixed affordable fee. Their salaries and conditions have been pre-negotiated making it easier for you to make efficient decisions on the candidate. We call them consultants in training where devs become TopDevz: excellent in a particular skill set but do not require managerial oversight.

This is What You Get

Custom Software Development Experts

Our people have an average of 10+ years experience with custom software development in highly complex environments. They have also passed a proprietary hiring process including live coding that ranks them in the top 1%.

100% US-based

Not only do we deliver high quality code, our team possesses excellent communication skills, work in local time zones and are highly productive.

Significant Savings

TopDevz directly manages, maintains and motivates a resource for the work being performed and tracks time down to 15-min increments with weekly status reporting.

Fast, On demand, No obligation

Your project is staffed and kicked off in under 2 weeks and you have direct access to vetted top tier resources on demand throughout the year, on a pay as you go basis.

Working Remotely?

Our CEO is the Founder of RemoteEntrepreneurs. A philanthropy effort he makes to foster remote entrepreneurship wealth. Remote-entrepreneurs.com/

221+ Skillsets & Candidate database of 15,000+

With a database of over 15,000 candidates, TopDevz gives you direct access to vetted top tier software developers, business analysts, designers and QA testers across 221+ skill sets.

Project-Based, Staff Augmentation or Maintenance

We offer flexible monthly agreements to augment your team or fully outsource your project. We also offer customized maintenance plans to support your application needs.

Faster with Precision

TopDevz owns over two-million lines of code in its repositories that help lower development costs while speeding up production.

Full Agile Scrum

We can field a team that includes UI/UX designers, business analysts, QA testers (manual and automated), DevOps, DB admins, and certified scrum masters.

High Retention and Referral Rates

We have a 96% retention rate + 56% referral rate on our team members. They come, they refer and they stay, greatly reducing our recruiting overhead.

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